Shenzhen ANBO intelligent controls technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in intelligent LPG cylinders security network information management system of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprise.Company general manager office and technology research and development centers, product sales and service center and comprehensive administrative management and the production processing and assembly center.Company's long-term professional committed to the iot for LPG terminal retail industry security management and the integrated network management system of research, and has made a number of relevant national invention patent.

   after many years of cooperation, has been in the oversea Thailand,Isreal,South america.domestic area xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, hebei, henan, shandong, shanxi, hubei, hunan, jiangsu, zhejiang, jiangxi, fujian, guangdong, guangxi and yunnan, guizhou and other places, by 178 counties and cities, more than 300 liquefied petroleu gas companies research and field practice, combined with our existing problems and characteristics of China's LPG industry and deep knowledge, successfully developed a set of based on intelligent LPG cylinders as the main body of Internet information technology and network management system.Through successful intelligent LPG cylinders iot management system, supporting research and development of the intelligent LPG cylinders, intelligent LPG filling said "LPG intelligent Angle valve and intelligent straight valve" intelligent "LPG filling gun" "LPG intelligent handheld terminals" LPG special security distribution box and LPG operation network management system software.According to the different environment and market situation of users, free diagnosis and provide a comprehensive solution of market integration.

A. Tracking & Monitoring each one of cylinders by advanced RFID technology. 
B. Prohibit illegal cross refilling by other LPG companies. 
C. Monopolize local LPG market alone. 
D. Increase their total profits over 50% every year. 
E. Improve their informatization management level and save cost of management. 

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